Winter Is Coming

Marc Byrne


In this article we will be covering a few tips of what you can do to keep yourself healthy during the cold winter months.

Our health is important in everyday life, especially during the winter, we find ourselves picking up bad habits.

It’s crucial for everyone not to develop these bad habits, in doing so you will boost the prevention of becoming sick by an incredible amount.

To start off one bad habit we develop is staying indoors for longer periods of time than which are needed. This can be bad for our health as the “air quality” indoors is lower compared to outdoors. Spending a lot of time indoors allows the build-up of air pollutants and allergens to target your immune system.

To prevent this you can;

  1. Clean your home as often as twice a week
  2. Make sure to spend time outdoors even if it is cold wrap up warm & get a breath of fresh air.

Secondly, Wrap up and get up!

The cold weather is a big deterrent for us to get up and active but its for the best.

By doing so you will help you strengthen your heart as it will need to work harder to distribute blood throughout your body and during your exercise outdoors you will be supplied with your dose of vitamin D (YES! Even when it’s cloudy!) vitamin D is important for strengthening and maintaining healthy bones

In addition you can add extras to your diet:

Eating more Citrus fruits containing Vitamin C (such as, Oranges and oranges.)

Vitamin C is thought to increase white blood cell production which are important for fighting infections / any unwanted ailments like colds.

*NOTE - Our body does not produce or store vitamin C so taking it on a daily basis is important for continued health benefits.

Vitamin C is contained in an abundance of fruits and vegetables so it is not hard to fit into your diet. Another food item you could add to your diet is Red bell peppers contain twice as much vitamin C as citrus fruits.

Furthermore you can add supplements into your daily life, Eden Health Vitamin C is a high quality vitamin supplement , containing 1000mg Vitamin C which is a strong dose to boost your immune system.

We would recommend taking these before a meal, as it can also help the absorption of iron into our bodies.

Multivitamin can also fill in any gaps of vitamins your body could be lacking in. By doing this, shortly your vitality will increase due to the benefits of the higher nutrient sources available to be used by your body.

A Really popular range of multivitamin is Solgar due to the extremely high quality of every product they bring out.

 Now to finish off here, it is really IMPORTANT to keep your health as optimal as possible, especially in winter.

Taking extra precautions and doing any of these tips we have went over in the article will surely keep you in top condition.

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