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Pure Labs ZMA Max - Sleep Formula - 60 Caps

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Sleep Aid and Sports Recovery

On the path to fitness, so much emphasis is placed on physical exertion, that sometimes the recovery aspect is overlooked. As the saying goes, the more you put in, the more you get out, so during your most intense training sessions, it is crucially just as important to rest properly so you can allow your results to surface.

Here some common affects one can find by supplementing Pure Labs ZMA and regulating sleep:

  • General feelings of improved wellness
  • Lowered stress, and a more stable mood
  • Increased lean muscle
  • A decrease in body fat

Sleep, our most natural and potent recovery process, can be affected by stress, anxiety and physical restlessness. Pure Labs ZMA is a natural sleep aid designed specifically to bring the body into a state of relaxation for sleep to occur naturally, and to induce a deeper REM cycle for a full resting period, meaning that whatever troubles you are having with sleep, ZMA remedies this by acting on multiple levels.

Benefits From Supplementing ZMA Sleep Aid for Sports Recovery

Containing the powerful trio of micronutrients, zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6, consumption of ZMA supplies the body with the means of producing the right chemicals to naturally induce the tiredness, working as an effective sleep aid. Pure Labs ZMA excels at this specifically with the inclusion of valerian for the relaxation of body and to induce natural tiredness, and 5-HTP* to assist in the reduction of stress hormones that can fuel anxiety.

*Please note: the use of 5-HTP supplements should be confirmed by a doctor or avoided if currently on a course of antidepressants.


Your Guide to Using ZMA Max

One to three caps of ZMA Max should be taken in the final stages of the evening close to bedtime. Unlike other supplements, the effects of ZMA can be experienced from the day you start taking it, and by supplementing for good quality sleep, you are taking the right steps in ensuring your optimal recovery, bringing you closer to your peak level of health and fitness.

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