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German Pharma - Tribulus - Maximum Strength - 98% Saponins - 90 caps

If you are looking for a natural and non-suppressive supplement that is supported by scientific research to accelerate muscle growth and strength, then look no further than German Pharma Tribulus. German Pharma Tribulus separates itself from other Tribulus Terrestris supplements by containing a high concentration of muscle growth promoting Saponins (98% - protodioscin 80%) at an effective dosage. Tribulus is recommended for any individual wanting to improve their overall well-being or improve athletic performance and results.

The Benefits of Tribulus

  • Increased muscle growth
  • Improved test levels
  • Increased libido
  • Enhanced sense of well being
  • Influxes in strength

How Tribulus works

Tribulus is one of the most popular saponin supplements on the market due to its solid scientific foundation. There is research to demonstrate that this supplement will elevate test levels naturally, consequently this plant extract is commonly seen in test-boosting products. It is suggested that Tribulus is able to have this effect due to its influence on cholesterol. Alterations in cholesterol will impact hormones, as cholesterol is made into sex hormones. Tribulus is able to optimise cholesterol for testosterone production, in doing so has been shown to enhance sexual function (1, 2). With testosterone augmentation you can expect muscle growth, as testosterone increases levels of growth hormones and encourages tissue growth via different pathways. Greater testosterone levels will also promote fat loss, bone health, and mental well-being, which may explain why users experience these benefits following Tribulus use.