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German Pharma - Cardio Max

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Cardiomax separates itself from other products in the German Pharma range, as it is primarily formulated to enhance athletic performance and augment cardiovascular capacity. Cardiomax has been created with an athletes’ physical demands in mind, providing the competitive edge to push further during training sessions and enhance performance during game time. Another advantage of using Cardiomax is that it doesn’t cause any suppression or side effects, and instead has a host of additional health and performance based benefits. 

The Benefits of Cardiomax

  • Greater endurance capacity
  • Greater resistance to fatigue
  • Enhanced blood flow
  • More efficient utilisation of oxygen
  • Enhanced exercise recovery
  • Greater energy levels
  • Enhanced mood and concentration

How Cardiomax works

Cardiomax contains several scientifically supported ingredients that work synergistically to improve athletic performance. Firstly, ALCAR; this is a naturally occurring amino acid derivative that plays a vital role in energy production and mitochondrial function, specifically via the transportation of fatty acids (1). Additionally ALCAR has been shown to improve brain function (2), muscle oxygen supply, and stamina (3). Cardiomax also contains Cordyceps, which is a parasitic fungi that grows on the larvae of insects, although this may seem obscure, the potential health benefits are promising. Cordyceps has been shown to increase energy production and consequently have beneficial effects on muscular endurance (4), to the extent of increasing V02 max (5). 

Cardiomax also contains L-Theanine which has not only been shown to reduce anxiety and increase focus during demanding tasks, but also increases blood flow to working muscles (6)and helps resist exercise fatigue (7). The final ingredient in Cardiomax is caffeine, the dosage is enough to give you a good kick without feeling overwhelmed or jittery, and has been shown to provide its users with energy and improve athletic performance (8).

How to take Cardiomax

Take 3 caps per day for 60 days