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Introducing Fuse, the newest addition to the lineup and range by Neutra Labs; a high impact pre-workout, innovatively combining various synergistic ingredients to deliver the kick that you need to perform at 120% in every workout.

In addition to stimulant energy and mental focusing, Fuse really ignites a flame to induce thermogenesis, increasing body heat and creating a fiery sensation. High temperatures + perspiration = augmented metabolism & fat loss!

Can you handle the heat?



Neutra Labs Fuse contains 3 key components within its lab formula to ensure highest effectiveness in practice as well as theory. Fuse contains both an extremely high performance and energy matrix which already sets it above many other formulas in terms of strength and effectiveness alone. With the addition of the thermogenic matrix, this is truly a secret weapon for those looking to burn fat or working towards that super lean look. Your workout sessions have never been this intense, as you’ll be glowing with molten energy, ready to break new ground with your potential.

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