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Neutra Labs Nitro Pump

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Neutra Labs - Nitro Pump 

Neutra Labs Nitro Pump is a tablet-based stimulant-free pre-workout that improves your workout by increasing blood flow and energy levels, without the crash associated with conventional pre-workouts. It works by provoking the dilation of blood vessels which increases the amount of blood rushing through the muscles, leading to increased energy potential and enhanced recovery whilst giving you a massive veiny gym pump. 

What to expect 

  • Increased energy levels!
  • Massive gym pump!
  • Enhanced vascularity!
  • Improved recovery 

The Details 

Neutra Labs Nitro Pump gives you a massive gym pump, not only will you look like a vascular beast but you feel the benefits of having that optimized blood flow. Neutra Labs Nitro Pump combines Potassium Nitrate and Hydromax to induce vasodilation. Neutra Labs Nitro Pump will benefit your endurance training, help you adapt to environmental stress, and boost muscle energy whilst resistance training. Neutra Labs Nitro Pump will also help athletes store extra water, this will help hydrate muscle cells after intense exercise. 

How to take:

Take 2 capsules before a workout (with or without a stim-based pre-workout).
Advanced users can take up to 4 capsules with their usual pre-workout.


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