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PNI Supplements Lean Shake Plus - Lean Muscle Diet Protein Shake

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PNI Supplements Lean Shake Plus - Low Sugar Diet Protein Shake

For weight loss diets and increasing lean muscle tissue, Lean Shake Plus is the way to go. Exclusive to the Liverpool PNI supplements range, and prized for its macronutrient balance, each serving delivers a high-quality blend of protein sources, making this an essential diet protein shake, and all at £1.08 per serving. See what UKsupplementreviews have to say about PNI Lean Shake Plus.


Offering the Best in Lean Muscle Protein 

In only a single serving of Lean Shake, there is:

28.8g of protein

128 calories

1.3g carbohydrates (1g of sugar)

0.8g of fat - less than a single gram!

This means as a meal replacement you can enjoy a delicious shake, and in the process consume fewer calories than a meal, but feel just as full. The result? Lose weight, gain lean muscle, and feel satisfied. Is this not the perfect weight loss diet solution?


Setting the Bar for Quality

The blend of protein in Lean Shake makes a smooth, rich texture, combining whey, casein and egg white, facilitating rapid and prolonged protein absorption. The naturally occurring vitamin and mineral profile provide dietary quality, improving general health and wellbeing, meaning you will perform and feel at your best, while you lose weight and increase lean muscle mass. Are you celiac, or lactose intolerant? Not a problem, as Lean Shake is suitable for both dietary requirements. You would never believe a shake this healthy would taste so good and would digest so comfortably.

Formulated for Weight Loss

This formula incorporates three additional supplements, proven for their weight loss efficiency, to giving you that edge against burning stubborn fat and achieving lean muscle definition: l-carnitine, green tea extract, and coenzyme-Q10.

Uses and Applications

Best consumed by substituting a single meal, in addition to an existing diet, and/or to supplement a workout session. You will not find a better protein adapted for recipes, as the egg white protein forms a brilliant bind. Suitable for both men and women, and safe for consumption at any time of the day, Lean Shake is as versatile as diet protein shakes come. Place your order with us today for delivery, or click and collect from one of our three retail stores across Liverpool.


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