Fitness Factory Cavern Walks

Cavern Walks Fitness Factory, right on Matthew Street, where you will find Chris and Ian who mainly man this store. Chris is our resident strongman, he likes to lift heavy things but he is mainly useful for opening jars of pickles. Ian loves helping people, if you ask Ian anything gym or Pokemon related you will be friends for life.

Both lads are really friendly and approachable, they will help guide you with honest advice to what supplements will best suit you.

Why you should head down to Cavern Walks

Ordering supplements online can be tricky for some people as they prefer genuine first hand experience, that's why we encourage you to come down to our Cavern Walks store and meet with Chris or Ian. You can also order online and collect your order from the store.

There is an extensive range of pre-workouts and fat burners to satisfy all your stimulant needs ranging from the tasty Twisted pre-workout to a strong appetite suppressants like Roxidex. There is also a lot more which are not listed on the site. 

Come and see Chris’s atlas balls:

Fitness Factory, 72 Derby Lane, Old Swan, Liverpool, L13 3DN 

Give Ian a ring: