Ian Kinney 🤓

I like to research into various supplements gaining all the knowledge I can, usually you can find me in the Derby Lane Store

When it comes to sport and training,
I tend to try out various types of sports & training to have a better understanding of it, wether I’ll enjoy them or not!

As for the supplements I take;
*NOTE* this is the scaled down version as I do not consume nearly half the stimulant supplements I used to 👀😂

CTD Sports Adrenal Reset - Adrenal reset contains active ingredients that help with stabilising adrenal glands and cortisol levels, which is great for me as it is easy to fall in to combatting fatigue with stimulants, adrenal reset does as it says on the tub, making it so even if I have the slightest stimulant for example; a coffee, I would feel that amazing buzz as if I had just taken a strong preworkout!

PNI Gut Health: contains pro & prebiotic to help with the growth of Good-Gut bacteria, improving my digestion as well as combating bloat & much more

Applied Nutrition Amino Fuel: BCAAs trigger muscle protein synthesis and prevent the breakdown of muscles, which is important for anyone looking to preserve muscle whilst being in a calorie deficit, such as myself, and you know too well from applied Nutrition I’ll pick the Candy Ice Blast flavour 😍

PNI Lean Shake Plus - VANILLA: is my go to flavour out of the choices with PNI protein, I go for the smaller bags as I tend to change up my flavours often and don’t want to commit to a larger package, Lean Shake helps me with my daily high protein goals with ease, it comes in really handy the fact that it blends really well when mixing ingredients ready to make protein pancakes!