Jack Oswald-Cleminson

I like to lift weights and hope to compete in bodybuilding in the future. In my spare time I like hiking and love the outdoors. Im a peoples person and like getting involved in other peoples fitness journey.

As for my supplements;

PNI Pure Protein Advanced
I use PPA, because I like the fact that it’s a blend of protein, so theres different release times of each type of protein. (Egg, casein, whey)
I really like the banana flavour. I put it in the freezer for about a half hour, and it tastes just like a mcdonalds banana milkshake but without the sugar. 😁

I love pre workouts, especially the stronger ones and i find fuse gives me a good kick. It also contains one of my favourite ingrediants which is n penthyl dimethylamine which is good for energy focus and appetite suppressing.

I use creatine to help with my explosive energy. It feels like i can do the extra rep when im on creatine and i feel fuller. I tend to use unflavoured and just add it to my pre workouts or protein.

Fish oils
I use fish oils mainly for heart health and to keep my blood pressure down, And also to lubricate the joints for when im working out.

Vitamin c
I use vitamin c to improve my immune system as i always come down with a cold during winter but since iv started having a bigger intake of vitamin c, i tend to get over it faster meaning less sickness, better recovery, and more hard work in the gym.

Amino fuel
I always use amino fuel, I like to drink my aminos during my training session.
Applied nutritions flavours are amazing so i find it much easier to get my daily water intake in.
They have 11g of aminos per serving which is great, 9 of which are essential!

Insane Veinz
I use this purely for enjoyment,
I get a great pump and look much fuller when I take vaso dialtors and i find this one works great and is at a good affordable price.
I tend to like pre workouts more sour rather than sweet so this flavour is perfect for me as it tastes like sour patch kids.