Alpha Neon Darkside
Alpha Neon Darkside
Alpha Neon Darkside
Alpha Neon Darkside
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Alpha Neon Darkside

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Alpha Neon Darkside is a solid contender in the roster of pre workouts available!

Although not as eye-catching as the rest of the pre’s on the market with their long list of ingredients, Darkside hits where it really matters.

Keeping things simple, yet insanely effective.

Due to the potency of the preworkout, this is not one for those who would be considered “Beginners” when it comes to stimulant based products.

What to expect?

  • Mental Clarity
  • Massive Energy boost
  • No Crash
  • Great Focus
  • Skin tightening muscular pumps

How to take it?

Mix 1 SCOOP (5g) with 200-300ml of cold water and consume 30 minutes before training or exercise.


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