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Diuretix - 90 Capsules

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Pure Labs’ Diuretix - The Sports Diuretic

Cutting down to the perfect size and shape presents a number of challenges. If you’ve been putting in 120%, and feel like the odds are still stacked against you, you may be contending with a hidden opponent… water weight!

The Benefits of Diuretix 

  • Drop weight quickly to make weight for a fight or competition
  • Develop a more lean and dry look
  • Look your best for an event (holiday, wedding etc.)
  • Get a more accurate depiction of how much of your weight comes from fat and muscle

Why Should You Take Diuretix Weight Loss Pills?

Holding water weight is a natural function of the body, and can be taken control of without harm. One of the main ways to release water weight is by depleting glycogen stores, which can be problematic for some. Sometimes what you need to get results fast, are effective diuretic weight loss pills.

Pure Labs’ Diuretix is the natural and effective solution for removing excess water weight, that works just like water tablets. The blend of ingredients in Diuretix, including the important dandelion root extract, flush the body of excess water weight, meaning you get to stay in control of understanding how body fat, and lean muscle mass comprise your overall weight.

How To Take Diuretix Water Tablets

Take 3 Diuretix pills across the duration of the day. Pure Labs Diuretix are a welcome addition to anyone supplementing weight loss pills, and do not cause any unwanted health defects, such as high blood pressure, or severe dehydration. For achieving the best possible trimmed or lean or look, you can count on Diuretix.


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