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German Pharma - Ignite - Weight loss formula (3-month supply)

German Pharma has released a potent, unique and effective weight loss supplement designed to shift unwanted body fat and increase energy levels. Ignite contains multiple ingredients that are clinically proven to have beneficial effects on energy balance whilst targeting fat stores, resulting in weight loss in the most desirable areas. Ignite is advised for anyone wanting to accelerate their weight loss journey and have more energy throughout the day. 

The Benefits

  • Significant long lasting energy boost
  • Increased metabolism
  • Reduced hunger cravings
  • Decreased fat mass

How Ignite works

The majority of the stimulatory kick from Ignite is derived from Caffeine Anhydrous and this form of caffeine has been shown to provide its users with energy and improve athletic performance (1), additionally due to stimulating your central nervous system this form of caffeine is able to suppress appetite. Capciscum and Green tea leaf extract are included in the Ignite formula as clinically studies have shown these ingredients to assist in weight loss by enhancing thermogenesis, thereby increasing daily calorie burning (2).

Ignite also contains Taraxacum officinale which is a dandelion species, and the bioactive components in this ingredient promotes weight loss and reduces some fat storage hormones (3). Another effective ingredient in Ignite is Banaba leaf. This extract reduces the rate of fat storage and fat molecules (4). Another potent weight loss aiding ingredient in Ignite is bitter orange extract which increases fat breakdown, increases energy expenditure and stumps hunger.