German Pharma Ostamax Duo (2 bottles)
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German Pharma Ostamax Duo (2 bottles)

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German Pharma - Ostamax Duo (2 bottles) 

Ostamax is one of our best selling muscle building supplements! Ostamax is an incredibly versatile product due to its ability to produce exceptional results during both cutting and bulking cycles. By supplementing Ostamax you will be augmenting your hormonal activity to favour muscle growth, as well as a host of other benefits.  Ostamax is perfect for those who are new to muscle-building supplements or anyone who wants to increase muscle mass quickly. 

How Ostamax works

Ostamax was originally used to treat osteoporosis, but it quickly became recognised for its ability to enhance athletic performance and improve body composition. Ostamax promotes muscle growth by mimicking test (1), enabling a greater uptake of teststerone into muscles,  (2). Clinical studies have shown the compound in Ostamax to increase lean muscle mass whilst decreasing fat mass (3). 

 Most users begin to see results within a couple of weeks, usually in the form of increased strength and improved recovery rates, allowing you to train harder with reduced delayed on-set muscle soreness. As you progress through your cycle you will likely notice decreased fat mass, increased vascularity and increased muscle mass. It is also common for users to report enhanced cardiovascular fitness and energy levels. 

How to take Ostamax

Beginners: Take 2 caps daily (20mg) for 12 weeks.

Advanced users: Take 3 caps daily (30mg) for 8 weeks.

As Ostamax has a 24-hour half life, you can take the full dose at one time, as dosages do not need to be split.