Gorilla Alpha - Yeti Juice
Gorilla Alpha - Yeti Juice
Gorilla Alpha - Yeti Juice
Gorilla Alpha - Yeti Juice
Gorilla Alpha

Gorilla Alpha - Yeti Juice

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Gorilla Alpha - Yeti Juice

Unleash the mythical creature that lives inside of you with the all-new Yeti Juice pre-workout. By drinking this delicious and mystical juice before your workout you will develop wild energy levels with untamed intensity, combined with the Yeti mindset and predator instincts. Yeti-Juice will likely be a huge step up from your usual pre-workout, and should only be used by experienced pre-workout takers. Yeti Juice is perfect for anyone who wants to take their workout to the next level and achieve new PBs.

What to expect from Yeti Juice 

  • Unrivaled Energy Boost 
  • Long-lasting vascular & muscular pump
  • Increased focus and determination
  • Greater resistance to fatigue

About Yeti-Juice

Yeti-juice contains a combination of ingredients that all serve an important purpose in relation to boosting exercise performance. Firstly, Yeti-Juice contains a host of notorious stimulants that are guaranteed to significantly boost your energy levels and ultimately enhance athletic performance. The stimulants in this pre-workout work synergistically to provide its users with explosive but persistent energy, ensuring a productive workout. Yeti-Juice also contains multiple blood flow enhancing ingredients, and these ingredients are not only responsible for promoting huge muscular and vascular pumps, but also enhance your workout by delivering blood and nutrients to your working muscles whilst combating fatigue. 

What further separates Yeti-juice from other pre-workouts is the number of nootropics and adaptogens it contains, these ingredients improve brain function, focus, and ability to overcome stressful situations. One of the adaptogenic ingredients in Yeti-Juice is Peak02, this is an organic-certified combination of six adaptogenic mushrooms which help its users to adapt to physical and mental stress. Additionally, Yeti-Juice contains other brain-boosting ingredients including L-Tyrosine, Alpha-GPC, Theanine & DMAE, which have also advantageous effects on exercise performance. Ultimately, Yeti-Juice is a superb all-around pre-workout that will improve the quality of your workout. 

How to take Yeti-Juice

Take 1 to 2 scoops. 1 scoop for beginners or first-time users and 2 scoops for experienced users who want to receive a more intense boost before their workout. 

What you could take with Yeti-Juice & more information

As Yeti-Juice contains ingredients that target energy, focus and blood flow, there is no need to stack it with another pre-workout. If you are new to pre-workouts and want to know more before you invest in one, read this blog on ‘what pre-workout is right for me’.