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Grenade - Thermo Detonator - Declare War On Fat!

Thermo Detonator is an extremely potent fat burner, which can help you achieve a more desirable and leaner physique. Thermo Detonator contains high-quality ingredients at effective dosages, enhancing your energy and focus during your workout and throughout the day. What separates Thermo Detonator from other fat burners is that it contains a multitude of metabolism-boosting ingredients, which will help you burn more calories and reduce fat stores. Thermo Detonator is perfect for anyone looking to have more energy and lose fat. 

The Benefits

  • Increased energy levels
  • Enhanced focus
  • Faster weight loss results 
  • Boosted metabolism

The Details

Thermo Detonator is a popular product in the health and fitness community because its effects are noticeable, and people experience great success when using Thermo Detonator alongside a calorie-controlled diet and exercise regime. The effects of Thermo Detonator are noticeable after 30 minutes, you will experience a recognisable but comfortable rise in body temperature, this is the green tea extract and cayenne increasing your metabolic rate, and you will also feel a significant boost in energy due to the blend of stimulants it contains.

Thermo Detonator can be used as pre-workout as well as weight loss agent, and it is suitable for both men and women. By using this product multiple times a week over a month or two you will be increasing your chances of being in a calorie deficit and reducing fat stores. 

Supporting Supplements and information

If you are using Thermo Detonator as weight loss agent, as opposed to a pre-workout, then we advise using PNI Lean Shake Plus as a meal replacement supplement, provided that you’re struggling to meet your reduced-calorie goals. If you are unsure about fat burners or not sure what one to choose, read this article

Per tablet
Green Tea 250mg
Bitter Orange Powder 210mg
Caffeine 112.5mg
Cayenne 100mg
Phenylalanine 12.5mg
Green Coffee 5mg

Take 1 serving (2 caps) with water, ideally in the morning, 30 minutes before breakfast. Then take your second serving 30 minutes before lunch or before your workout. By taking Thermo Detonator before lunch will help suppress appetite and promote portion control. Do not take 5 hours before bedtime, as it may interfere with sleep. Stop taking if you feel unwell.

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