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Diet Shake is a delicious high protein and low calories shake from Hot Body Club. It is the perfect protein supplement to help you get the hot body you desire, by supporting weight loss and any training regime you may be doing. Diet Shake comes in five delicious flavours that contain powerful fat loss and superfood ingredients, it is used as a meal replacement or can be taken after exercise.

Meal Replacement Shake Key Points

  • Low fat and sugar per serving
  • High in essential amino acids
  • Helps normal thyroid function
  • Contains Acai Berry, Green Tea, CLA, and Acetyl-l--carnitine 
  • Only 117 kcals per serving
  • Five delicious flavours

Why you should take Diet Shake

Diet Shake is more than just a protein shake, it is designed to support active women who want to burn fat and get toned. Whether you are in the gym or trying to get toned through your diet, protein is essential for fat loss. Hot Body Club Diet Shake helps weight loss and unlike other meal replacement shakes, it is not overloaded with “sugar from fruits” and cheap gimmicky ingredients.

Hot Body Club uses the highest quality protein in combination with added fat loss ingredients such as Acai Berry, Green Tea CLA, and Acetyl-l--carnitine. All this is packed into a 117 calorie shake without any unnecessary carbohydrates and fats.

Not only will Diet Shake help you burn more fat but it will also help provide you with a lot more energy to help you conquer the day and become a Hot Body Woman in both mind and body.  Choose your Diet Shake from Jaffa Cake, Choc Brownie, Strawberry Milkshake, Toffee Pudding, and Vanilla Ice Cream.

How to take Diet Shake

Mix one scoop of Diet Shake with 200-250ml water or unsweetened almond milk.
Below is a guide on how to take Diet Shake as a meal replacement alongside other effective fat burner products for a 6-week fat-burning blast.
Diet Shake can also be used as a post-workout shake. 


  • One Diet Shake

  • One Roxidex fat burner

  • One Diet Shake (or a light lunch)

  • One Xvita CLA cap


Get a toned, healthy hot body, with Hot Body Club. Order your Diet Shake Now!

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