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Liver+- 90 Capsules

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What is Liver+ ?

Liver+ is a well designed synergistic matrix to aid in the detoxification
and regeneration of the liver. The liver is one of the most important
organs and is vital to the overall functioning of the human body. It
performs over 500 functions on a daily basis and needs to be protected.

Some of the functions of the liver are;

· Helps get rid of & neutralise waste products and toxins
· Combat infections in the body
· Controls glucose; fat and amino acid levels in the blood
· Produces proteins and enzymes that are responsible for chemical reactions in the body.

Whats in Liver+ ?

Its Matrix is made up of eight very important ingredients that all work to
aid in protection and regeneration of the liver.
Milk Thistle (80% Silymarin standardised) – This ingredient is one of the
most effective liver antioxidant available. It has been shown to have
protective properties and can greatly improve the livers functioning. It
can also help with the synthesis of proteins. Anabolic Designs uses a
standardised 80% Silymarin and so ensuring only the highest quality
extract is used.

N-Acetyl Cysteine – This is another great antioxidant and helps detoxify
chemicals into less harmful compounds. It has been shown to be
effective in aiding in the treatment for liver disorders from different forms
of toxicity. NAC can also help boost the body’s immune functioning.

Tumeric (95% Curcuminoids) – The active ingredient within Tumeric is
curcumin and has been shown to aid in immune functioning and aids in
the reduction of toxins within the liver, heart and lungs. It also has very
powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour and antioxidant properties.

White Peony – This is a great antioxidant. One that can relieve the
aches and pains in the liver and so is ideal for those who use advanced
supplementation, have high protein diets or expose the liver to harsh
toxins that cause additional stress.

Bupleurum Root – This ingredient has been used for centuries to deeply
cleanse the liver by continually getting rid of toxins and impurities within
the system itself. It also aids in strengthening and nourishing the liver
and is very helpful in times of low liver functioning and other disorders.

Dandelion Root 4:1 – The root of the dandelion is considered to be a
good liver tonic and also aids in the functioning of the gall bladder,
pancreas and spleen. It is a gentle cleansing agent being more specific
to the liver by modifying and increasing secretions, removing excess
water in edemous conditions that could be harmful to the liver.

Artichoke Extract – Can improve the functioning of major organs within
the body including the liver. Artichoke extract can help strengthen the
liver and bring about healing by regenerating the liver cells. It also has a
positive effect on the digestive system by encouraging the production of
bile to help digest fats and help the liver remove toxins.

Shizandra Fruit – It helps protect the liver from hepatotoxins and
regenerates the liver cells to aid in correct functioning. Shizandra also
stimulates the production of liver enzymes and so aids in improving the
digestive system functionality.

Who can use Liver+?

Liver+ was designed to be used as a general health supplement to help
aid in overall good health and good liver functioning
Active individuals who are on high protein diets or use advanced
supplementation will definitely benefit by using this product as it will
protect and keep their liver functioning at its optimal level.

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