MB RESEARCH - IBUTAMOREN (10mg/ml) - 50ml

MB RESEARCH - IBUTAMOREN (10mg/ml) - 50ml

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MB Research Ibutamoren Liquid ( MK-677 ) 50ml 



MB Research brings you Ibutamoren liquid, a high quality Liquid SARM designed to ramp up growth hormone levels to new heights. 


What are the benefits of Ibutamoren? 


  • Improve muscle Tone
  • Increase growth hormone
  • Increase IGF-1 Levels 
  • Great for recomp ( reducing fat/increasing muscle ) 
  • Great for muscle recovery 
  • Low side effects 


Ibutamoren can be used for as long as neccesary, however most people run it for 12-16 week cycles,  a typical Ibutamoren liquid cycle would look like : 


Week 1-8

1ml (20mg) Daily 


Weeks 8+

1.5 ( 30mg) Daily 


The above dose is a typical cycle, can be increased slightly for heavier individuals, the above are based on a 180lb/80kg Male. 


Do you need a PCT following your Cycle? 


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