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Natural Muscle Stack

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The natural muscle stack has the ability to increase your strength and muscle mass in just a few weeks, whilst not causing any unwanted side effects. The supplements in this stack will noticeably increase your gains, and will not cause any testosterone suppression, which is associated with hardcore muscle building supplements. The natural stack will unleash your muscle growth potential, increase muscle protein synthesis, and naturally optimize your hormones for increased muscle mass.

    The Details


    German Pharma Epi-Ultra contains epicatechin which is a myostatin inhibitor, and this flavanol alleviates the threshold on muscle growth. By supplementing Epi-Ultra you can significantly increase your lean muscle gaining potential. Epi-Ultra allows you to break past plateaus in a completely natural way. With no side effects, no interaction with test levels, and no risk to the liver Epi-Ultra is safe for both men and women to take. In addition to lifting the threshold on muscle growth, Epi-Ultra also reduces cortisol levels, which significantly impacts performance, fat burning, recovery, and muscle gain. 


    Neutra Labs Laxogenin is completely natural and safe for both men and women to take. Laxogenin otherwise known as 5a-Hydroxy-Laxogenin is a natural muscle building amplifier. It increases lean muscle mass, stops muscle breakdown, and even lowers cortisol levels. Laxogenin is completely side effects free as it does not interfere with the endocrine system, this means it does not raise or lower hormones such as test or estrogen. Laxogeninin does not interfere with any organs so it is completely safe to take and does not require any supporting supplements. Laxogenin helps promote lean muscle and stops muscle breakdown by dramatically increasing muscle protein synthesis. This is great for building lean muscle during a bulk or preserving muscle and strength during a cut.


    ZMA MAX is a natural sleep aid, designed to put you into a deep state of relaxation in a short time frame. ZMA MAX is a unique formula, as not only does it contains natural muscle relaxants like many sleep aids, it also contains natural ingredients that will optimize hormonal and chemical balances in the brain to induce stress and anxiety relief. ZMA MAX is appropriate for anyone wanting to improve their sleep quality, especially active people due to the necessity of effective recovery. Sleep is a key process for any gym-goer or athlete as this is where the bulk of your recovery occurs; recovery is where results are achieved, and without adequate recovery, the benefits of exercise will not be attained. ZMA MAX is designed to induce a deeper and longer REM cycle during sleep; REM sleep is vital for physical and emotional development and health, and therefore muscle growth and fat loss. Additionally, with a more productive sleep, you experience enhanced muscle recovery, increased energy levels, and mental alertness the following day, increasing the chances of having another productive training session. 

    How to Take


    2 Epi Ultra & 1 Laxogenin caps


    1 Laxogenin caps and 1-3 ZMA MAX capsules in the final stages of the evening, just before bed.