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Neutra Labs Sonic - Extreme Pre-Workout 30 Servings

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Sonic High Stim Pre-Workout

Want to take your training to the next level? Then you need to force your body to surpass its own limits in every workout. Neutra Labs has created something for just that, a super potent formula that has gone through rigorous testing to pack a supersonic punch! Sonic is a high stimulant product and is not recommended for first time users!

What To Expect From Sonic:

  • 3.2g of beta alanine
  • Fast acting focus
  • Explosive energy
  • No scatty comedown
  • Increased power output

Sonic doesn't just give you a massive amount of energy, it also increases your power output and focus. WARNING expect the pre-workout tingles from Sonic.

How Sonic Works

Sonic has a blend of stimulant ingredients that work together to act as adenosine antagonists and increase neuron firing in the brain. This means it not only gives you a massive energy kick but also sends specific signals to your muscles priming them for action, this is commonly known as the fight or flight mode.

How To Take

To reach SUPERSONIC speeds in your training, mix one full scoop of SONIC pre-workout with 300ml of water 20 minutes prior to your training.session. For athletes and bodybuilders who engage in weight lifting, we recommend stacking your Sonic with Neutra Labs Nitro Pump. This will help increase nitric oxide production, vascularity and skin tearing pumps.

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