Neutra Labs Nitro Mass - 4kg Lean Mass Gainer

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The Leanest Mass Gainer On The Market

Many mass gainers are 1200+ calories and overloaded with sugar which ends up making people bloated and fat. Neutra Labs Nitro Mass is a lean muscle gain protein powder, it aims to pack on muscle without adding excess fat. Nitro Mass is made into a fine powder so it is easily mixed with water or milk.

Why Take Nitro Mass

  • Low fat
  • 35g protein
  • 40 servings
  • Three tasty flavours
  • Ideal post-workout shake

How Nitro Mass Works

The most common reason why people struggle to gain muscle is that they simply do not eat enough. Whether they have a fast metabolism or burn off a lot of calories throughout the day, they are not eating enough for what their body needs to grow muscle.
Nitro Mass has a balanced protein to carbohydrate ratio and low-fat content. This combined with the right amount of calories, helps gym-goers pack on lean muscle without excess fat gain.

How to take

Mix 2 scoops of Nitro Mass with 400ml of water, twice daily. For advanced users over the age of 21, you can stack your Nitro Mass with a bulking S.A.R.M such as LGD.

Don’t let yourself go fat just because you're on a bulk, stay lean while you grow, with Nitro Mass.

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