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Sweat Affect

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Nutra Innovations Sweat Effect

Nutra innovations have made quite an impact on the supplement market with their potent preworkout(s) Epitome & Epitome Hardcore!

They are back again but this time with a caffeine-free fat burner product in Sweat Effect.

Sweat Effect is formulated of multiple thermogenic and fat loss assisting ingredients all working together to enhance the effects of one-another.

To take a quick look into the formula we have;

1500mg (Total) of L Carnitine split between NALT & HCL.

This is used to help the body utilize the storage of fatty acids a lot more efficiently as well as helping reduce the amount of visceral fat the body stores.

25mg Grains of paradise.

Although it sounds like a small dose 25mg of Grains of paradise is nothing to scoff at, Grains of paradise works by reducing the amount of “white adipose tissue” in the body which in turn reduces the space of where fat can be stored.

25mg ProGBB 

ProGBB is a patent formula of a carnitine boosting ingredient known as Gamma-Butyrobetaine,

This does as it says on the tub and amplifies the effects of carnitine, further enhancing the utilization of fatty acids and increasing athletic performance whilst doing so.