Serra-Enzyme 30 Capsules 250'000iu
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Serra-Enzyme 30 Capsules 250'000iu

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Serra-Enzyme 30 Capsules 250'000iu 

  • Originally derived from the friendly bacteria living within the gut of the silkworm, Serrapeptase is now synthetically manufactured within a laboratory.

  • Serrapeptase Can show Effective Support For Accelerated Healing

    May help to support the body’s healing processes, promote healthy sinus activity, normal fluid retention, joint mobility and removal of waste fluids amongst other anti-inflammatory benefits.

  • Over 3x Stronger Than Other Serrapeptase Products

    The SerraEnzyme 250,000IU is formulated to give maximum benefit in minimum time.

  • Delayed Release Capsules

    When taken on an empty stomach, this ensures that the Serra Enzyme is activated in the small intestine for maximum effect.

  • Phthalate Free 

    Phthalates are plasticised coatings on capsules and pills that are used to help regulate the timed release of drugs. They are also used to deliver active ingredients to specific areas in the digestive tract where it is most useful for them to be absorbed. Our Serrapeptase enzyme range is free from phthalates.
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans