Wazz Sports - Twisted Preworkout

Wazz Sports - Twisted Preworkout

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One of the only bodybuilding supplements you’ll ever need

Twisted is the wacky reformulated pre-workout from Wazz Sports. It gives you a clean energy boost without feeling Wazz’d off your head all whilst helping blood flow. This gives your training sessions a massive kick up the Wazz, giving you a big veiny gym pump.


Tasty Bitz And Gym Pump Galore

  • Amazing ‘Tasty Bitz’ flavour

  • Skin tearing gym pump

  • No comedowns

  • Clean energy boost

  • Increases squat rack curling by 300%

Twisted is the one, it gets you Wazzed up and vascular. Just 1 scoop is all you need to Wazz all night in the gym.

Citrulline, The Gym Pump Secret

Citrulline helps stop fatigue and improve endurance resulting in an increased power output. Wazz Sports Twisted contains 4000mg of pure l-citrulline, it works alongside betaine and norvaline to give you the ultimate gym pump.

This is why it is one of the essential bodybuilding supplements, it makes you game as a badger in the gym while helping with the all mighty gym pump. The gym pump doesn't just feel amazing it also helps with your gains! The gym pump ingredients, like citrulline, helps pump oxygen & hormone rich blood around the body, removing any waste products.

How to take preworkout

Mix one big scoop of Twisted with 350ml of water, 20-30 minutes before you start training.

Add Twisted to you bodybuilding supplements stack today and before you know it, you’ll have everyone Wazzing!

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