Xtend BCAA 90 Servings
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Xtend BCAA 90 Servings

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XTEND has been making the XTEND Original formula, powered by 7 grams of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which have been clinically shown to support muscle repair, recovery, and growth. Whatever your fitness goal, training style, or sport of choice, XTEND can help you train harder, recover faster, and get back in the game sooner.

What makes it stand out?

XTEND contains a unique blend of hydrating electrolytes and additional performance ingredients to help you refuel, repair, and recover!

  • 7 Grams of BCAAs
  • Available in 30 AND 90 servings
  • Additional Performance Ingredients: Hydrating electrolytes, 2.5g of glutamine, and 1g of citrulline malate.
  • Supports Muscle Recovery, Repair, and Growth
  • Enhances Hydration and Performance

XTEND is widely known for its lineup of incredibly delicious sugar-free, zero-calorie flavors, On top of this, due to the formulation of XTEND it can be used during any time of the day

How To Take

XTEND can be taken every day, even on rest days, as a delicious way to support hydration, workout recovery, and muscle repair.

XTEND Bcaas also goes well with Creatine

Reasons being;

  • Replenish and restore energy 
  • Improve Hydration
  • Improve performance