I am looking to gain size (or) lose weight, how do I do it?

The first thing to do is to calculate your personal daily maintenance caloric needs, by simply following this link https://www.calculator.net/bmr-calculator.html

Based on whether you want to lose or gain weight, you need to modify the consumption of food and drink items so that you either consume a lower amount of calories than  more calories than your BMR

As previously described to gain size is to increase your calories. The amount of calories in which you add onto your maintenance calories will dictate the amount of body fat in which you will gain, for example if you were to add 1000 extra calories you would gain more body fat than someone who added 200 calories.


Our best protein would be determined by your specific goals, meaning if you were looking to gain size we would recommend PNI Pure Mass. It contains a high protein content of 32 grams per scoop, with approximately 750 calories per shake with added whole milk

Pure Protein Advanced is a cult favourite, and an amazing all rounder protien. Featureing PERFECT PROTEIN BLEND™ technology, a perfect ratio of fast, medium and slow digesting proteins stimulate and prolong protein synthesis, enhancing fat oxidation and improved overall benefit. The PERFECT PROTEIN BLEND™ with a digestion rate of 8 hours and 3 blood leucine level spikes, increases satiety.

-          Trademarked PERFECT PROTEIN BLEND™

-          28.8g Protein

-          1.3g Carbohydrates

-          0.8g Fat

-          Rich in amino acids

-          Zero Lactose

-          Zero Gluten

-          100% full disclosure

-          Unbeatable taste

With its high protein content and bare minimal calories it makes for a highly versatile protein powder which can be manipulated to your specific goals, simply add water and replace your morning meal to keep your overall calorie count down an result in weight loss or add some whole milk or porridge oats and it can make an all-time perfect post workout shake to promote recovery and muscle growth.


If your goal is to gain a significant amount of size or what is known in the bodybuilding world as ‘bulking’ there are a number of ways in which to optimally increase the amount of size in which you will gain. However before going into the nit and grit of it all we would like to point out that as previously mentioned in order to gain size it is to increase your calorie intake as to get ‘big’ you need to eat ‘big’. We would also like to add that we have had a number of customers in which have stated I can’t seem to gain weight and I am already eating a lot of fun and regardless to what they may believe is a lot of food they soon learnt that it is only a fraction of what athletes consume in order to gain size as some are known to consume up to 3000 – 5000+ calories.

Here is a list of supplements in which you can add to your already existing diet in order to help you pile on that size you so desire:

Weight Gainers

Weight gainers are simply protein powders with added carbohydrates and therefore consist of much higher calories per scoop. They are highly effective in regards to gaining size as previously mentioned to gain size is to consume a large amount of calories and this can be quite difficult for some individuals at least to begin with as to over consume is to force a lot more calories into your diet than your body is normally use to and unfortunately our body will often try to stop you in a number of ways such as the feeling of needing to be sick. With that being said rather than increasing your portion sizes to small scale mountains on your plate a weight gainer with added whole milk may consist of up to 750 – 1500 calories per shake and there for when added to your already existing diet will result in weight gain without that sickly, bloated feeling.

PNI Pure Mass - Pure Mass is a high quality weight gainer that uses a blend of Whey Proteins and Carbohydrates. We have ensured for maximal lean muscle gains, the carbohydrates are a mixture of fast acting maltodextrin and slow release oats & barley; a perfect ratio of muscle building carbs that will help you get muscular. Not only is the formula specifically designed to add muscle mass, but it is also one the best tasting weight gainers there is!



Creatine is a supplement in which has a number of uses in regards to enhancing your ability to gain size as desired. For instance when supplementing with creatine it draws water into your muscles cells thereby giving them a more fuller appearance. Secondly and more importantly in order to gain size we need to force our muscles grow and the simple way of describing how this is done is by forcing our bodies to adapt to the stress in which we have put it through, meaning by lifting weights and increasing the rep range or amount of weight in which you lift week by week. With that being said creatine recycles your muscular energy (ATP) to a point and thereby helps you get that extra lift or lift that extra weight which in turn will promote growth.

Pure Labs Creatine - Supplementing with Pure Creatine is one way to increase your strength, muscle size and power, being able to get the most out of the atp-cp energy system gives the 'lactic acid buffering' effect people tend to talk about, basically just increasing the longevity of intense exercise.


Pro-hormones are chemical compounds which when taken put the body in a positive nitrogen balance and allow nutrients to be processed much more efficiently by the body. The chemical compounds themselves are basically synthetic forms of testosterone, considering the body produces around 50-60mg of testosterone per week you can only imagine what kind of effects could happen from taking 100mg+ of a pro-hormone per week. The effects are much quicker than what you can gain as a natural athlete.


In this modern day and age there are many companies, celebrities or your everyday average Joe looking to make a name for themselves with claims they have ‘THE’ optimal weight loss product/ routine/ diet/ etc. However they tend to over complicate the matter when as previously explained the ‘only’ way to lose weight is a low calorie diet.

In order to lose weight a low calorie diet is required regardless of what food source is consumed which is contrary to what most individuals will have you believe. This means that you can lose weight eating those foods in which are considered ‘fatty foods’ or have added sugar as long as you stick to a calorie controlled diet. When we say calorie controlled or a low calorie diet that is unfortunately different depending upon gender as typically we would recommend an average man to consume 2000 calories per day (from any source but preferably healthy foods) to begin with to achieve weight loss and then ladder down when weight loss has plateaued and for a woman we would recommend much less, and have them start at 1500 calories per day and then ladder down the same. However if you wish to be more exact an enhance your results we would then recommend you use a BMR calculator as previously mentioned to work out your maintenance calories and subtract from there, typically you will want to subtract 500 calories from this number as to lose is pound in weight you need to be a deficit of roughly 3500 calories a week which is therefore a deficit of 500 per day. We would also like to mention that contrary to popular belief it does not make a difference if you eat after 6 in the evening or eat carbs or snacking and so on and so forth, the only thing that matters in regards to losing weight is sticking to your calorie controlled diet whether you’re having 2 large meals a day or 5 for example.

So if your goal is weight loss then count your calories, that includes the oil in which you cook your food in or the flavoured water you may have as we have had experience with customers informing us they haven’t seen results and when it came down to it they were over spilling on their daily calorie intake with high amounts of flavoured water or using high calorie cooking oils rather than the 1 kcal cooking sprays.

There are a number of supplements in which you can take that will support you in achieving a low calorie diet as unfortunately the reason we are in this situation is because we have over indulged and therefore support is key.

Fat Burners (Appetite Suppressants)

Pure Labs T6 Black Revolution – is able to deliver better appetite suppression than ever before and is firmly keeping any kind of side effects at bay. Forget any jitters, forget a crash. The new T6 black promotes a sensation of mental clarity and positive mood, whilst providing undeniable appetite suppression. With 1 Capsule a day, it is all you need for intense training sessions, 1 capsule is all you need to turn your body into a thermogenic powerhouse, 1 capsule is all you need Full Stop.

Pure Labs T9 Extreme – hardcore fat burner that not only delivers a stronger energy boost, but insane focus and a powerful thermogenic effect and therefore is truly not for beginners.

How do i take my Fat Burner?

Option 1: Take a fat burner in the morning on an empty stomach 20 minutes before your breakfast (avoid coffee) This provides complete appetite suppression and energy throughout the day for most people but if you do get accustomed to it then you can take an additional fat burner 20 minutes before your lunch (avoid coffee) 

Option 2: If you feel your fat burner is too strong (provides you with too much energy) then i would recommend taking it 20 minutes after your breakfast. This will provide a slower release of energy as it doesn’t hit your system all at once. You can bring the time of taking the fat burner closer to when you have your breakfast as you get accustomed to it (if necessary) 

Meal Replacements

PNI Pure Protein Advanced - With its high protein content and bare minimal calories it makes for a highly versatile protein powder which can be manipulated to your specific goals, simply add water and replace your morning meal to keep your overall calorie count down an result in weight loss.

PNI Lean Shake Plus – similar to that of the PNI Pure Protein Advanced, however it has gone that one step further as it includes l-carnitine in which promotes fat oxidation (the human body using its own fat stores for energy) thereby enhancing weight loss even further.


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