T6 Black Revolution 90 Capsules
T6 Black Revolution 90 Capsules
T6 Black Revolution 90 Capsules
T6 Black Revolution 90 Capsules
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T6 Black Revolution 90 Capsules

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Pure Labs T6 Black is one of our most popular products, not only due to its noticeable weight loss benefits but also because of its mood and energy-boosting qualities. Pure Labs T6 Black uses a cutting edge formula to target weight loss and fat burning from every angle and pathway. Pure Labs T6 Black is a great addition to your weight loss supplement stack as not only will it help you lose weight, it will also improve the productivity of your workouts.

    The Details 

    What makes Pure Labs T6 Black stand out from other weight management supplements is its high stimulant nature.

    The types of stimulants used in this cutting edge formula are designed to give you a significant but long-lasting energy boost. The benefit of this is that it will help you be in a calorie deficit, as it will add a spring to your step, motivate you to get moving and fuel a productive workout that will all burn calories. 

    When supplementing Pure Labs T6 Black you will also experience reduced hunger cravings for several hours, which again will promote a negative calorie balance, which is essential for weight loss. For this reason, we advise taking Pure Labs T6 in the morning as it has the ability to stop you from snacking until late afternoon. You can also expect a noticeable but comfortable increase in temperature, this is the thermogenic benefits, which will cause calorie burning even in a rested state. 

    How To Take


    Take one cap 30 minutes after breakfast to assess caffeine tolerance.

    Advanced Users 

    Take one cap 30 minutes before breakfast. Hardcore users can take another cap before working out. We do not recommend taking Pure Labs T6 Black after 4 pm as it may affect the quality of sleep. 

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