German Pharma - Epicatechin
German Pharma - Epicatechin
German Pharma - Epicatechin
German Pharma - Epicatechin
German Pharma

German Pharma - Epicatechin

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German Pharma - Epicatechin

German Pharma Epicatechin contains epicatechin which is a myostatin inhibitor, and this flavanol alleviates the threshold on muscle growth. By supplementing Epicatechin you can significantly increase your lean muscle gaining potential. 

    Epicatechin - The Details

    Muscle size and growth is limited in our body by a protein called myostatin. Large doses of epicatechin reduce the activity of this protein by augmenting the activity of follistatin, allowing for amplified muscle gains. In addition to lifting the threshold on muscle growth, Epicatechin also reduces cortisol levels, which significantly impacts performance, fat burning, recovery, and muscle gain. Epicatechin  allows you to break past plateaus in a completely natural way. With no side effects, no interaction with test levels, and no risk to the liver Epicatechin is safe for both men and women to take. 


    As Epicatechin maximizes your muscle potential it can be run for up to 12 weeks. Natural users who are looking for the best natural muscle building stack can pair Epicatechin with Hydroxybol for a 16-week natural muscle building cycle.



    • Two Epicatechin caps


    As Epicatechin is a natural compound, a PCT is not required once you have finished your cycle.

    To read studies on Epicatechin click here 

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