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GERMAN PHARMA TURKESTERONE is a powerful yet natural supplement that has multiple benefits yet yields no side effects. GERMAN PHARMA TURKESTERONE helps improve your muscle to fat ratio whilst enhancing performance and cognition. GERMAN PHARMA TURKESTERONE is perfect for anyone who wants to take their training to the next level naturally. GERMAN PHARMA TURKESTERONE would be a great addition to your supplement stack.

The Benefits

  • 70% Purity
  • Amplified muscle growth
  • Delayed fatigue
  • Faster recovery
  • More productive sleep
  • Anti-inflammatory & Anti-oxidant

The Details - What is Turkosterone? How does Turkesterone work?

Turkesterone is a relatively new supplement to the western world and it’s beginning to gain a lot of attention. The effects of Turkesterone can almost be felt immediately, you can expect to feel more engaged and have greater energy levels, especially during more strenuous workouts. Another benefit of Turkesterone is that it is suggested to improve resistance to fatigue, helping you go the extra mile. The most appreciated benefit of GERMAN PHARMA TURKESTERONE is it promotes lean muscle gains, more than what would occur from exercise and diet alone. Turkesterone has testosterone-like effects but does not amplify testosterone, which equates to greater gains retention and no need for PCT. GERMAN PHARMA TURKESTERONE has no effect on estrogen and will cause no negative sexual-related side effects.
GERMAN PHARMA TURKESTERONE uses Turkesterone, which is a herb that is grown and processed exclusively in Uzbekistan. There are many supplements labeled as Turkosterone that are grown elsewhere, that is not genuine. Turkesterone is an adaptogen, as it helps alleviate anxiety and has other beneficial effects on the mind. Studies have also shown Turkesterone to enhance memory recall, recovery time, and libido. GERMAN PHARMA TURKESTERONE promotes muscle fiber build-up, increases glycogen concentrations in the muscle, and increases ATP synthesis. 

How to take 

Take 2 capsules daily for 6-8 weeks.  

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