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Testaflex - 180 Capsules

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Pure Labs - Testaflex 

Testaflex is the ultimate all-in-one natural test booster supplement. Test levels gradually decline after the age of 30, resulting in low libido, fatigue, decreased mental performance, loss of muscle mass and weakened joints. By supplementing with Testaflex you will increase your test to optimal levels and therefore maintain healthy muscle mass, energy levels, sex drive and joint strength. Testaflex is advisable if you're an older male or anyone who takes bodybuilding seriously. 

Benefits of Testaflex - gym supplements

  • Increase muscle mass 
  • Increase strength 
  • Decrease fat mass
  • Libido enhancer 
  • Stronger bones and joints 
  • Decreased risk of low test & associated symptoms 

Testaflex is only recommended for males.

The Details - Optimal test & joint health

As males begin to age, test levels begin to decline, the symptoms of lowered test are noticeable and significant. Symptoms include hair loss, decreased libido, negative mood swings, depression, lack of energy, sleep disturbances, reduced muscle mass and increased body fat. Although some of these symptoms are severe you only better these aspects of health when optimal test levels are achieved.                    

Testaflex is the ideal supplement if you are concerned about your test levels due to aging or previous compound cycles, or if you want to ensure that you’re training and gaining muscle optimally. By increasing your test and reducing your estro levels, you will increase your chances of gaining a more desirable physique and will likely experience noticeable increases in strength. Combined with Testaflex’s test boosting complex, it also contains an incredibly high dose of Vit. D, making it the ultimate joint product supplement.

This natural test booster will not adversely impact your health and produce dangerous synthetic test, instead, testaflex supplies for any shortcomings in test, and by doing so will make you feel energised and motivated to train as hard as ever.

How to take 

For best results it is suggested to cycle Testaflex.

On cycle: 3-4 weeks

Take 6 caps daily

Off cycle: 1 week

Then repeat if desired. 


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