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Wazz Sports - Twisted Tabz - 45 capsules

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Wazz Sports - Twisted Tabz Energy Pills 

Energy! Energy! Energy! Wazz Sports brings you another supplement to get you absolutely twisted! Twisted Tabs Energy Pills! What sets Twisted Tabz apart from other energy supplements? Pure Energy! Each serving of Twisted Tabz will provide you with unmatched energy, focus, and more energy! Containing ingredients chosen for their ability to deliver long-lasting calorie-free fuel, with no holding back. 

The Benefits of popping Twisted Tabz;

  • Faster weight loss results

  • A stronger alternative to your morning cup of coffee 

  • Powerful and easy to take pre-workout

  • Laser-like focus and god-like concentration

  • Become the life of the party 

  • Burn more calories whilst resting

  • Reduced hunger cravings

The Details - GET TWISTED!

WAZZ SPORTS TWISTED TABZ contains over 5 different sources of stimulant energy at the optimal ratio to make you feel ruthlessly ready to tackle any obstacle head-on. This mind-blowing formula is loaded with energy to give you the motivation and ability to break new ground with your training and weight loss goals. 
Whether you do cross fit, bodybuilding, HIIT, or just want to get #twisted. What are you waiting for GET TWISTED!

There are no gimmicks or double dosing when it comes to Twisted Tabz, just 45 caps of reliable pure energy without the need to compensate. One of the noticeable effects of this fat burner is its thermogenic benefits, you will feel a significant but comfortable increase in core temperature, increasing your metabolic rate and burning calories whilst rested. Additionally Twisted Tabz effectively suppress appetite, limiting your cravings for hours.

How To Take: 

It’s very simple, take 1 cap with water at any point in the day when you need energy, and let the magic happen. We suggest avoiding using Twisted Tabz in the late evening or night time, as it will interfere with your sleep quality. We recommend taking 1 cap on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. 
Taking two caps at once might very well make you explode into 1,000 tasty bits...  Just joking (not joking).

Pick up your bottle of twisted energy supplements from one of our stores today with click and collect, or opt for delivery anywhere in the UK and get Twisted... WoiHoi!

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