Wazz Sports - Twisted Tabz - 45 capsules

Wazz Sports - Twisted Tabz - 45 capsules

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Wazz Sports - Twisted Tabz Energy Pills  

Wazz Sports are back with another addition to their energy supplements range, and another way to get twisted: Twisted Tabz energy pills! What sets these apart from other energy supplements? Quite simply, pure energy! Each serving of Twisted Tabz energy pills gets straight to the point, containing ingredients chosen for their ability to deliver stimulant and natural energy with no holding back.


How Do Twisted Tabz Energy Pills Compare to Other Energy Supplements?

Compared with a range of other energy supplements, Twisted Tabz energy pills offer great variety. In addition to being used for powerful fat burners, we recommend that these can be used for:

  • A stronger alternative to a cup of coffee, for all means of waking up and staying alert
  • A pre-workout in convenient pill form to give you the energy to train at 110%
  • For when things get real and you need to go hyperdrive
  • Party time!


Each bottle contains 45 caps of Twisted Tabz. There is no double dosing or gimmicks when it comes to Twisted Tabz, just 45 caps of reliable pure energy pills without the need to compensate.

Using Twisted Tabz couldn’t be more simple -  down a cap with some water at any point in the day when you need energy, and let the magic happen. We suggest to not interfere with sleep, avoiding the use of these around night time.

Taking two caps at once might very well make you explode into 1,000 tasty bits...  Just joking (not joking).

Pick up your bottle of twisted energy supplements from one of our stores today with click and collect, or opt for delivery anywhere in the UK and get Twisted... WoiHoi!

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