My name is Shaun Goss, my job here is an assistant purchaser.

Meaning I help with purchasing products that are stocked within the stores, but I’m always on hand to help and give out some friendly advice on supplements💪😃

I like to try to keep fit and healthy, I mainly enjoy lifting weights at the gym but have been known to do the occasional dreaded cardio session.

The supplements I use are mainly to aid in recovery after my gym sessions and to help me try and get leaner.

At the centre of my stack is PNI pure protein advanced. I’ve chosen this because of its high protein content 28.8g whilst still being low calorie 128 per serving. It has a blend of three different types of protein giving me different absorption rates making it versatile and great for anytime of day.

I also use PNI pure amino advanced whilst I work out as I like to train fasted it helps to prevent muscle protein break down when I’m trying to lose weight. It contains 7g of bcaa’s on a 5:1:1 ratio which is a lot better than your usual bcaa’s supplement, it has another 3g of EAA’s and has added electrolytes to help with hydration from coconut water and pink Himalayan salt.

Muscle Geek Roxidex is a fat burner/appetite suppressant. It helps me to stay on track with my diet as I’m always hungry haha. I use this of a morning along side a protein shake as a meal replacement.

For a pre-workout out I like to use Twisted by Wazz sports. I usually train early evening and with twisted only using caffeine for the stimulant ingredients I can still sleep at night but it also gives me good pumps. A big plus is it tastes boss. ▪️
And last but not least Pure Labs Zma, I take this before bed as a sleep aid it contains zma, valerian and 5-htp three great ingredients that help me to have a deeper more restful and productive sleep because as we know rest is just as important!