German Pharma - Beta Ecdysterone
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German Pharma - Beta Ecdysterone

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German Pharma Beta Ecdysterone 

Brand new product from German Pharma Beta Ecydesterone, 250mg of high potency 90% Ecydesterone,  this anabolic compound will help to :

  • Increase Strength
  • Increase Muscle Protein Synthesis
  • Decrease Fat
  • Build Lean Muscle

Beta Ecdysterone is a class of compounds called Ecydesteroids, these are compounds that can help increase performance. 

Beta Ecdysterone has been used since the 60s but only recently has it has gained more and more notoriety for helping to improve not only gym performance but mental and physical performance.  

It is important to note that Beta Ecydesterone and indeed the entire class of Ecdysteroids do not Inhibit any negative side effects on hormones, in fact, quite the opposite is found in studies, Beta ecdysterone can have a positive impact on the male hormone testosterone. When an Increase in Testosterone levels is noticed this can go hand in hand with a decrease in visceral body fat.  This is something quite commonly reported with cycles of Beta Ecdysterone.