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Clomadex - 60 Capsules

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Pure Labs Clomadex is a potent post-cycle therapy (PCT) supplement, with the specific purpose of re-optimizing your test and estro levels and ratios. By supplementing Clomadex not only will you prevent estro related side effects that can occur following a cycle of PEDs and S.A.R.Ms, but you will be boosting your natural free test and promoting the retention of the gains you have achieved. 

The Benefits 

  • Decrease estradiol
  • Naturally raise free test
  • Reduce cortisol
  • Maintain gains
  • Boost libido
  • Reduce risk of gyno
  • Prevent side effects 

The Details 

Following a cycle, your endocrine signals can be somewhat out of sync, and too much test can convert to estro resulting in unwanted side effects. The compounds found in Pure Labs Clomadex prevent this excessive conversion, whilst enabling a greater influx of free test. Additionally, the plant extracts found in Pure Labs Clomadex have been shown to noticeably increase sexual performance, sperm health, and boost test and libido. If you are concerned about imbalances following a cycle or have experienced high estro levels in the past, then Clomadex is strongly advised. 

How to take 

Once you have finished your cycle take 1 cap, twice daily with food. Pure Labs Clomadex can be taken during your cycle to prevent estro related side effects. Post cycle, Pure Labs Clomadex can be stacked Testaflex to ensure a complete recovery from your cycle and boost muscle, joint, and bone strength. 



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