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L-Glutamine is one of the most well researched amino acids, used for many reasons and ailments 

L-Glutamine powder by German Pharma comes in a 500g size which provides 100 5g servings, 5g is a studied dose of L-Glutamine to improve performance(1

L-Glutamine is a very important amino acid (there are a total of 20 amino acids) in fact L-Glutamine is the most abundant in the blood and in skeletal muscle, making it a very important amino acid for everyday bodily activities 

Training, whether that be lifting heavy weights, running, rugby, crossfit or anything related to strenuous exercise will deplete the stores of L-Glutamine within your body, this makes recovery harder and indeed makes the regeneration and repair of muscle cells harder.   This is where supplementation comes in. Supplementing 5-10g daily with L-Glutamine has shown in studies to improve performance and increase recovery times after anaerobic exercise (2

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (5g)

Servings Per container: 100

Amount Per Serving
Micronised L-Glutamine - 5000mg

To get the benefits from L-Glutamine 1 scoop can be taken daily, as L-glutamine produces no known negative side effects L-Glutamine can be taken year-round.

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