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Muscle Builder Duo Bundle

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German Pharma - Muscle Builder Duo Bundle

Choose 2 German Pharma muscle builders at a discounted price!

You can choose 2 bottles of the same compound or mix it up and run them simultaneously or one after each other.

Turkesterone is a powerful yet natural supplement that has multiple benefits yet yields no side effects. Turkesterone helps improve your muscle to fat ratio whilst enhancing performance and cognition. Turkesterone is perfect for anyone who wants to take their training to the next level naturally and would be a great addition to your supplement stack. The serving size is 2 caps per day.

Beta Ecdysterone is a class of compounds called Ecydesteroids, these are compounds that can help increase performance. Beta Ecdysterone has been used since the 60s but only recently has it has gained more and more notoriety for helping to increase muscle mass but also mental and physical performance. It is important to note that Beta Ecydesterone and indeed the entire class of Ecdysteroids do not Inhibit any negative side effects on hormones, in fact, quite the opposite is found in studies, Beta ecdysterone can have a positive impact on the male hormone testosterone. The serving size is 1 cap per day.

EpicatechinGerman Pharma Epicatechin contains epicatechin which is a myostatin inhibitor, and this flavanol alleviates the threshold on muscle growth. By supplementing Epicatechin you can significantly increase your lean muscle gaining potential. The serving size is 2 caps per day.

Tribulus is a natural and non-suppressive supplement that is supported by scientific research to accelerate muscle growth and strength.  German Pharma Tribulus separates itself from other Tribulus Terrestris supplements by containing a high concentration of muscle growth promoting Saponins (98% - protodioscin 80%) at an effective dosage. Tribulus is recommended for any individual wanting to improve their overall well-being or improve athletic performance and results. The serving size is 3 caps per day.

Phosphatidic Acid was a popular muscle building supplement amongst bodybuilders in the 1970's & 80's, and now with recent scientific research and noticeable physiological results, Phosphatidic acid is returning to its former glory. Phosphatidic acid is a completely natural and non-suppressive compound that accelerates muscle growth and strength in just a few weeks. The serving size is 2 caps per day.

Tongkat Ali can improve libido, increase testosterone, build lean muscle, increase sperm quality and erectile dysfunction. German Pharma Tongkat Ali is standardized for 10% Eurycomanone, a powerful Quassinoid (extracted compounds derived from plants). The serving size is 1 cap per day.

Hydroxybol is a powerful plant sterol.  Hydroxybol can help naturally increase muscle protein synthesis and stops muscle breakdown. Hydroxybol is an ideal adaptogen and can be used to improve general performance without having negative effects on testosterone and DHT. For this reason, we can advise Hydroxybol to both men and women. The serving size is 2-3 caps daily. 

Fadogia Agrestis is quite a unique product. It can help with lean muscle, but most notably helps with increasing libido and enhancing performance! It is important to note that Fadogia Agrestis does not inhibit any side effects, quite the opposite in fact, it can help with an increase in natural testosterone levels, as it is currently being studied for its testosterone boosting capabilities. The serving size is 1 cap per day.

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Turkesterone - take 2 caps daily
Beta-Ecdysterone - take 2 caps daily
Epicatechin - take 2 caps daily
Tribulus - take 3 caps daily
Phosphatidic Acid - take 2 caps daily
Tongkat Ali - take 2 caps daily
Hydroxybol - take 2 caps daily
Fadogia Agrestis - take 2 caps daily

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