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Super Fish Oils

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PNI Active - Super Fish Oils

  • Over 150% stronger than conventional fish oil supplements

  • Stronger bones and joints

  • Reduced stiffness 

  • Improved Cardiovascular Health 

PNI Fish Oils are over 150% stronger than 90% of the fish oil supplements on the market. PNI Fish Oils contain Omega-3 Fatty Acids which are profoundly beneficial for cardiovascular health, cognitive performance, and joint and bone strength. By supplementing with PNI Fish Oils you are ensuring adequate intake and therefore receiving the various benefits associated with these fatty acids. PNI Fish Oils for anyone looking to increase their levels of EPA and DHA daily.  

The Omega-3 fatty acids found in PNI Fish Oils are beneficial for a number of reasons, from optimizing blood pressure and cholesterol levels to increasing bone mass density and reducing joint stiffness, to improving memory and slowing the progression of neurological diseases. Making PNI Fish Oils a great promoter of health and longevity, as well as preventing injuries and improving athletic capabilities.

Serving Size: 2 Soft Gel

Serving Per Container: 45

Amount Per Serving:
High Potency Omega 3 Fish oil providing - 1000mg
EPA - 500mg (Eicosapentaenoic acid)
DHA - 250mg (Docosahexaenoic acid)

Other ingredients: Gelatin, Glycerin, Purified Water.

Take 2 soft gel capsules daily

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