PNI SUPER MULTI VIT MINERAL - Easy To Swallow - Immune System Complex

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PNI Super Multi-Vit & Mineral - Easy To Swallow - Immune System Complex

PNI Super Multi-Vit & Mineral contains over 20 ingredients, making it ideal for athletes or active individuals, as well as those following a predominantly plant-based or calorie restrictive diet. The majority of the vits and minerals found in this product are essential for energy levels and optimal muscle function, so if you train regularly, often feel run down or follow a vegan diet this supplement is strongly advised for you. 

PNI Multi-Vit & Mineral Benefits 

  • 100% vegan caps
  • Boost immune system
  • Increase natural energy
  • Designed specifically for athletes 
  • Contains super-nutrients such as CoQ10 and Ginseng

The Details about PNI Multi-Vit & Mineral 

Super Multi Vit & Mineral is packed with over 20 ingredients to improve your immune system & overall wellbeing. The PNI Super Multi-Vit & Mineral is ideal for the everyday person looking to feel better, however it has been formulated with athletes and those following a plant-based in mind, as it contains adequate amounts of iron, carnitine and B12, which can fall short in these populations. These nutrients are vital for energy production and utilisation, and will ensure optimal muscle function, energy conversion, oxygen uptake and exercise recovery. 

PNI Multi-vit contains a strong dosed vit & mineral complex with added cognitive enhancer ingredients which boosts brain function, this improves both memory and focus! This super dose multivit contains all the vits & minerals you need for a healthy immune system.. Ultimately, PNI Multi-Vit & Mineral will help you to become the best and most energised version of yourself. 

How to take PNI Multi-Vit & Mineral 

Take 1 easy to swallow cap with a glass of water, first thing in the morning. To maximise your morning health routine, we also suggest taking 1 cap of PNI Super D3 alongside your multi-vit. This is the ultimate combination to help support your healthy lifestyle.


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