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Scitec DAA Pro

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Scitec DAA Pro

Scitec DAA Pro is a product that helps boost / maintain optimal testosterone levels.
A hormone that is crucial for General health and wellbeing, athletic performance and muscle building and contributes to libido & fertility.
The Details

Testosterone naturally begins to decline as we age, but it can also be suppressed following a hardcore supplement cycle, this is associated with low libido, loss of muscle, low energy levels, and symptoms of depression, just to name a few symptoms.

Therefore it is important to look after our test levels
Several lifestyle factors, such as weight lifting, stress management, and DAA have been shown to increase free test levels by 42% after 12 consecutive days of use.
DAA also increases GH levels and Luteinizing signal production, promoting muscle growth, fat loss, improved mood, and stronger masculine characteristics. With GP DAA you will also experience greater mitochondrial efficiency, enhanced oxygen-carrying blood flow, and increased nitric oxide leading to higher energy levels and faster recovery after workouts.

How to take 

Scitec has provided this supplement with the highly effective dose of 3,000mg (3 gram) of D-Aspartic Acid per serving (4 capsules).