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Pure Labs - Vasopump

  • Increased vascularity
  • Immediate visual muscular pump
  • Enhanced muscular endurance 
  • Reduced soreness 
  • No stimulant crash
  • Enhanced blood flow

Here it is, the ultimate non-stimulant pre-workout, that will have you feeling and looking amazing whilst you train, without any jitteriness or crash. The pump you will experience from this pre-workout is huge! Your blood will be flowing optimally, your veins will become more prominent and your muscles will look jacked up and pumped. Additionally, by using this pump based pre-workout you will increase your blood flow to your heart and muscles, which will increase energy and stamina,  and speed up recovery. 

Vasopump contains massive amounts of the most effective pump activating ingredients, which promote vasodilation. Vasodilation is associated with enhanced exercise performance and recovery. 1 scoop of Vasopump contains creatine Nitrate improves muscle efficiency and can help you sustain higher intensity exercise for longer periods of time (2). Glycerol Monostearate helps your bodies systems stay hydrated, so much that it has been shown to improve energy capacity and improve athletic performance (3). Vasopump also contains Pine Bark which protects against oxidative stress post-exercise, aiding recovery by reducing muscle soreness and damage (4). Vitamin C boosts your immune system and supports muscle recovery, which allows you to train at full fitness with reduced DOMS (5). The Pink Salt in Vasopump helps optimise your bodies PH levels to help keep you oxygenated, hydrated and functioning properly (6). Finally, the B3 in Vasopump influences the body to act as if you are already exercising even if you are not, it does this by increasing blood flow around the body which provides your muscles with more fuel (7). 

Despite the impact that this pre-workout will have on your performance and energy potential, it is stimulant-free! Therefore it will not cause jitteriness or post-workout crash, which is associated with pre-workouts. In fact, the after workout effects are also beneficial as it will help reduce soreness, aid recovery and nourish the muscles you have utilized. 

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